Game Review is yet another browser-based manifestation of thrilling games, which has rocketed high due to the huge praise, it received soon after its launch. Quite similar to, the player tries to shoot down the planes, but the difference? WINGS. You got some wings to hover above and shoot down the planes. A massive multi-player game, with unique contributions to the operations of the game, it has taken over the globe.

Excellent controls are extremely praised worthy. Not having glitches once even, users experience a great time of hyper activity, trying to win over other players. Coupled with this, the game is extremely easy to play with the rule of easy to learn, hard to master applicable here as well. As adaptable and easy going it is to operate this game, mastering it requires special skill with an increased level of difficulty. This brings a coherent flow in the game and users get more comfortable as the game proceeds, dealing with one challenge at a time.

Game rules are almost the same as those of its rival games. By the constant clicking of the left side of the mouse, the player has to bring down the shooter planes, which are our enemies and have to defend ourselves by shooting our cannons incessantly. Along this journey, various objects are to be collected by the user which can be later used to boost up the plane, strengthening it to fight more aggressively. It is all about adjusting the wings in the sky, exercising powerful control skills, to avoid numerous objects roaming around in the sky. Jumping on top of the leaderboard, crushing down as many plane as possible, and beating your opponents scores, is a dream of every other player.

This game teaches the player to absorb the stressful condition around him and play strategically, by quick yet clever tactics to get around his/her opponents. The colorful yet simple graphics of the game, with a fighter background, gives a unique attribute to the game which the users enjoy a lot. Another very positive attribute of the game is that the game is currently in beta, which allows the users to play with each other by sharing links to the game.

Customization in this game adds a blend of fun and thrill to the game. Firstly, planes can be customized which allows the player to build his/her plane according to the required needs of design and color. Secondly, specific player names can be chosen which adds a notion of anonymous person as well as amusement to the game, enabling the users to play accordingly. Another customizable option is that of graphics quality, which can be altered either High or low, depending on how the user wants to play. High graphic quality is the default one, and the best one for the user to opt for. has created a multiplayer arena for the game channel. Users find it incredibly easy and highly addictive, which has captured the entire game world.