Best Strategies and Tricks for

Are you looking for tips and strategies for playing browser game?

We have illustrated important tips and strategies below, after analyzing these tips you will easily meet your goals and you’ll enjoy playing this game very much.

At the beginning of this game, you’ll be excessively weak to battle with different players. So, from starting you should avoid direct attacks until you reach level five. It is essential to keep in the consistent movement to stay away from traps and other confrontations.

You need to destroy other players and the obstacles to expanding the tank level. Find the guide geometric shapes in yellow, red and blue and crush them by shooting - or utilizing your own tank body. By destroying other players, and increasing your rankings of the server, you can achieve a lot of points.

There are some attributes used in These attributes are listed below with their use cases:

  • Health regen: Enlarge life recuperation rate of the tank
  • Body Damage: Refine the damages impacted due to collisions with obstacles and other players.
  • Max Health: Enlarge your maximum life
  • Bullet Speed: Boost the pace of your shot
  • Bullet Damage: Refines the damages created by bullets
  • Reload: Recover diminished bullets
  • Bullet Penetration: Bullets pass through the players and obstacles
  • Movement Speed: Boost the speed of the tank
  • On reaching level 15, there is the way to develop your tank. You should pick one of four Professions that the game presents. Here are these four professions with their functionalities:

    Twin: The twin increases a second shooting weapon at the same rate.

    Sniper: It adds a range of the vision and projectile damage as well.

    Flank Guard: Using this profession you can fire in 2 diverse directions.

    Machine Gun: In this profession the cannon expands the point angle and shoots the projectiles quicker.

    Flank Guard: Using this profession you can fire in 2 diverse directions.

    These are different classes of professions. These are useful in specific conditions. So, should Pick the class very carefully, it is because some of them have weaknesses. For example, the snipers won't have the capacity to position themselves well if a Twin shoot constantly toward him, however, this class is great against the Destroyers. Keeping in mind this strategy you should use your selected profession according to its specific skills.

    Finally, there is an important strategy to defeat enemies. You should attack other players by surprise when they wouldn't care about this action. By using these strategies and tips you can enjoy the game in more proficient way and you can give a perfect challenge to other players.