Game Review

The developers of this game had no idea that it will take over the entire globe once launched. On 30th March, in United States, broke records of browser-based games with its simplicity and exciting levels. It has received more fame than any other browser-based game, let it be or due to its simplicity and clarity, and the mind-boggling opportunities.

Let's discuss the game itself. Imagine yourself being a snake; you are rushing after other snakes, killing them by crashing their heads into your body and with every step you take, you get more powerful. Exciting isn't it? Simple concept and simple graphics is what makes this game so thrilling and addictive. Customization is attained by the use of different ‘skins' which reflects the personality of the character playing the game. Let it be a rainbow snake attributing a very friendly personality, or a plain one colored snake which is of a moderate nature and do not get aggressive easily, and then there are snakes with their country flags on them showing extreme loyalty and aggressiveness if becomes necessary. Simple as it may seem by just groping on colorful glow balls, a sense of looming dread is also encountered when a hideous snake pops up on your screen. This is how exciting it gets.

The developers of this game are trying their best to take the interests of the public into account when making changes to the game. They are doing this through different articles being posted on the website, and through different forums, which promises user retention and loyalty. Furthermore, ensures that customer reaction to the game increases coherently and instigates the user to think strategically by coming up with tactics that could thrust him/her ahead in the game. Playing alone, or with friends, no matter in what scenario, this game does not let you take off your eyes from the screen, and brings in you a sense of achievement as you succeed with each level, beating your friends' score on it.

Easy going and adaptable are some of the other traits that this game possesses, which makes the user drift along it swiftly. Developers are continuously working hard to evade all the issues, if there are to this game, trying their best to contribute positivity to the overall performance of the game. They are adding more servers to this game which would hold the higher potential of it in the future, as more and more issues would be resolved, and a higher number of customers would be retained.

The quote easy to learn, hard to master perfectly suits this game. Coming up on top of the leaders board is probably everybody's wish, and this game builds up that desire in you. Everybody strives to be better than the others, killing more snakes rapidly, increasing their length, and improving our strategies and reactions with every new level. So much excitement and thrill in one game, so slither on snakies, go get those other hideous snakes.