Game Review

Highly addictive, coupled with sheer entertainment, Deip has received huge fame from its players. As the time of the game passes by, users come up with more concrete competitive strategies to apply. Unlike other browser-based games, Deip has variegated gameplay features with exciting twists that shape it as a massive multiplayer PvP arena game.

That being said, it is also quite different from other games such as and How's that possible? For one, it allows the user to control a tank, and that too by using the left click of the mouse, continuously shooting the different shapes that appear, let them be a pentagon, square or triangle. Farming up the XP level, increasing the stats with a rush of adrenaline is what this game is all about. Deip enables the user to exercise his/her shooting skills with specificity, aiming at evading the obstacles efficiently and moving ahead. This game totally negates the notion of simplicity by introducing such stat points and classes for the users to be dealt with, which is in itself a different genius concept introduced by the developers.

It starts off with embodying the user as a tank and shooting in a defensive manner to avoid confrontations with obstacles and traps. The user does this continuously, at least for up to five levels, and then frequently moving, increasing up the tank levels and adding complexity to the game, which brings exhilaration with it. Another grace of this game is the possibility of changing character attributes which the player gets as he moves ahead. This is yet again another fantastic concept of the game which the users can mingle with.

This game is unique in itself. Each time you play this game depends on the stats you have already reached and the classes you chose to play. On the other hand, these classes are very different from each other, regarding their proficiencies. Developers are always bringing changes to the game to increase proficiency. Where one hand, they are trying to deal with the monotonous nature of the browser games, on the other hand, they are increasing complexity for the users to deal with the ever-changing scenarios in the game, and to have more fun and thrill. This game is furthermore considered to be tough-like really tough and one needs to grasp the entire useful tactics before initiating this incessant journey. This instigates the user to put forth more attention into the game, getting addicted to it day by day.

Users have termed this game as a pure brutality, absolute domination, consistent life hacker, favorite, and many others. One can play this game all day, alone, or with friends- only if you want to have that incredible adrenaline rush to beat your friends at it, and peaking up at number one is the most satisfying feeling in the world. Bright graphics, military ambiance, and opportunities are an attractive sight for anyone who loves to be in this atmosphere. So much fairer, so much fun it is. Well, good luck tank!