Game Review hit the heights of success, with people wondering whether it deserved that fame or not. Becoming the new cookie clicker distracter, and appearing on pop ads, this game intrigued thousands of players searching for exciting browser-based games. It presents exciting opportunities for the player to explore and move on the path to success.

Getting into the details of how's' of the game, the journey begins by the player trying to control an orb; an orb, that is not only small, but also swift to increase the complexity of the game. The task is simple: eat the smaller orbs and do not get eaten by bigger ones. With minimalist controls, and easy to pick up even the slightest idea, this game is a top notch for the notion of simplicity. Like all other games, your ultimate mission is to win- be the biggest orb on the game board. Who doesn't like to top every game after all It deals with the most common phenomenon of life, and that is the fittest of the survival. Survive, because you are the best in the game, and the fittest one.

Another positive aspect of this game was the idea of it being light weight, consuming as little resources as possible. This is another reason why users could easily use it on low-range devices, making it very popular amongst them and accessible in almost every other scenario. The challenge that it poses, with numerous other players on the game board, brings a tinge of excitement as competition increases. Luck plays a significant role in deciding who gets to win, with strategies and tactics being a compulsory part of this win. The hidden Easter eggs popping up throughout the game add humor to the game, evading the concept of monotonous browser-based games as the player would not know how many eggs there are, and thriving to get more and more of them. With no timers, or any other disruption to prevent the user from playing efficiently, the game is pretty easy to pick up and put down.

Users can continue playing this game, with no ending level, and progress can be saved and continued from anytime one log in. Imagine everyone sitting behind their computers at the same time, and you would not ever know that who you are dealing with during the game because of unique usernames. Imagine a unique username like Bush coming up. Who would know that you MIGHT be playing against the ex-president of the United States? Or perhaps, some total stranger, trying to act cool. Use of a leaderboard score to display the winners is yet again another big attractive viewpoint of this game. Players strive to get on top of the board, developing a sense of attainment in them when they do so, hence the reason why has attracted such a huge fan following.